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Strategic Innovation

We specialize in Strategic Innovation Consulting, offering a comprehensive innovation management methodology designed to empower our partners and clients to extract significant value from their novel ideas. Our unique methodology combines innovation components, such as idea generation, the development of new products or services, and the creation of new business models. Our approach is based on a combined strategy for Data management, Dissemination and Exploitation/Commercialization of results, either commercial or research, throughout a project’s lifecycle. By adopting our methodology, organizations can seamlessly transition from conceptualizing ideas to executing concrete projects, ultimately leading to the tangible creation of value, measured through real-performance metrics.

Wisefour Company Green

360° Transformation

By taking on your organization’s digital leadership, we assess its status, and co-develop a path forward. Our main goal is to create awareness and establish a digital and agile culture aligned with the capabilities and goals of the organisations. We focus on new available tools in order to introduce new ideas and methodologies towards internal resources' enhancement, through fast track courses, design thinking, team building exercises etc. Indicative activities include Business design, Business coaching, Mentoring programs, Agile project and company management methodologies and Ecosystem engagement. Through these efforts, we strive to empower your organization to thrive in the digital landscape and create sustainable value.

Wisefour Company Cloud Computing

it consulting

We provide thorough guidance and manage high-quality IT solutions that will upgrade your day-to-day operations and help you achieve your long-term goals. Our proposals are always based on innovative equipment and software following your business needs and operations. We introduce you to new technological capabilities and digital tools that result in significant savings, workforce upskill and, eventually, the organization's transition to the digital era. Our IT Consultancy service involves a wide range of custom-made strategy and training courses divided in three main categories; the adoption of new ways of working, the optimization of businesses’ online presence and, the development of hard technical skills.

Wisefour Company AI

Tech Applications

Staffed with a highly inspired team of scientists, researchers and engineers from various disciplines, we are committed to innovation by nature and heavily investing in beyond the state-of-the-art technologies. We develop technology solutions and applied scientific knowledge by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Edge Computing and Intelligent Apps. WISEFOUR's growing software department creates and develops software for (mobile) applications and AI technology platforms, and also performs as AI data management (collection and analysis).

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