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Capacity Building

We help organisations develop agile leaders and managers able to encourage and enable growth while modelling an agile mindset. Our journey starts with the leader growing their own leadership, coaching, and mentoring capabilities, before developing those of the people and teams around them. 

Capacity building is conceived as the method of empowering an organization to grow effectively, have a social impact and eventually become successful and sustainable, through strengthening skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources.
Resilience is the capacity to overcome difficulties, one’s elasticity to quickly bounce back into shape and form.

Resilience is a skill, a muscle you can train and grow, whether you are a leader, a manager, a parent, a student or simply yourself coping with the adversity of today’s world.

Our training program provides practical strategies and tools to identify your resilience level, and boost your mental, emotional and physical resilience. We design and develop training courses and webinars on several topics. Contact us for more information about our current training courses.

Our coaching programmes are designed for Managers, Employees and Teams, providing up-to-date skills & techniques that aim to improve your organization’s functionality and success. We help our clients to manage:

  • Dysfunctional Teams
  • Deadlines not met
  • Goals not achieved
  • CEOs who need support to motivate their people
  • Employees afraid of speaking their mind
  • Teams that do not communicate

We help individuals and teams to:

  • Evaluate and manage assumptions that lead to misconceptions
  • Deal with success and failure
  • Identify blessings and opportunities in any condition or situation
  • Deal with pain points
  • Make progress, and achieve goals and high-performance
  • Find a methodology to create a new reality and achieve goals and inner joy

We offer a series of Coaching (Executives & Teams) and Employees’ Empowerment sessions based on the culture and needs of your organization.

Ethics and Regulatory Analysis

We provide guidance on incorporating responsible innovation practices into European projects. Our experts help teams to identify potential ethical and societal implications, engage stakeholders, and develop strategies to mitigate any negative impacts.

We assist in developing and implementing research ethics protocols that align with European guidelines and standards. Our team ensures that our projects respect ethical principles such as informed consent, privacy protection, and fair data management.

We support organisations working mostly with IT research projects at any stage of their compliance journey. We undertake ethics reviews and compliance under the European regulatory framework, such as Data Protection and Codes of Ethics.

Research & Strategic Innovation

Specializing in Innovation Consulting, we guide our clients in the pursuit of significant value extraction from their innovative concepts through a comprehensive innovation management process. What sets us apart is our distinctive methodology that seamlessly integrates various facets of innovation, including idea generation, the development of new products or services, and the creation of innovative business models. Our approach is based on a combined strategy for Data management, Dissemination and Exploitation/Commercialisation of results, either commercial or research, throughout a project’s lifecycle.

We love working with researchers and small companies on early-stage technologies and help them create value through commercialization. We are by your side through all stages, from technology assessment and niche market identification to strategy development for intellectual property protection, funding and strategic partnering.  We collaborate with universities and research institutions on optimizing intellectual property policy and technology transfer operations. In other words, we assist clients who face challenges in bringing tech development to commercialization.

We offer a combination of methodology, technology and creativity to power innovative and creative thinking in any organization.

We work closely with our clients to understand their product vision and strategy, to help them develop a living, agile and usable product roadmap. We also help them “visualise” the creation process of the product, via continuous collaboration with the clients’ Engineering Teams or the Product Management Team. 

We can also act as chartered Product Managers upon request.


Wisefour’s expertised professionals provide a fact-based assessment of where a business is and where it is headed. Using a multi-pronged approach of assessing a business’s current state, identifying opportunities, and designing an execution plan, they assist companies to thrive in a competitive environment.

Using best-in-class business optimization strategies, our team empowers businesses to rapidly unlock profitability while maintaining sustainable cost efficiencies across all business aspects.

Our BI consultants provide comprehensive services that can be extremely important in understanding the critical business metrics and analytics, helping to eliminate wasted time, money and effort, and allows business leaders to make more informed strategic decisions. With these goals in mind, our consulting engagements focus on delivery of a specific work product, whether it’s a strategy or solution, and managing that endeavor to its completion.

WISEFOUR’s pioneering Transformation initiatives employ cutting-edge business models, processes and technology to create new value for customers and stay ahead of the innovation curve and competition.

The change from a traditional mindset to a digital one is our top priority. For this purpose, we cooperate with your team to boost their agility and innovation growth in the digital era.

Taking over your organisation’s digital leadership, we assess its status, and we co- develop a path forward. Our main goal is to create awareness and establish an agile culture aligned with the capabilities and goals of the organization.

European Projects Funding

WISEFOUR helps a wide variety of entities to develop innovative Research and Development solutions. We identify current trends, projections and shifts, and capitalise on them. We offer our services to enterprises, start-ups, research institutes, private and public organisations, as well as individuals, and help them create or seize opportunities and build novel concepts. We also help them explore European funding opportunities to support their mission and goals.

Our European Projects department specializes in research, proposal structuring and writing, management and implementation of European funding projects. We are totally familiar with budget lines such as Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Erasmus+ etc.  

WISEFOUR offers its services during the Preparation and Management phases of projects, through:

  • European projects proposals design and drafting for several European funding programmes
  • EU projects budgets preparation and management
  • EU Project management and coordination

Project Management is an important management process and finds application in different industries. Not every organization has the same Project Management guidelines or possesses project management knowledge.

Our team is specialized in Project Management and has the expertise to manage European Projects for the benefits of other companies & organisations, using a multi-sectoral knowledge and principles of work. Find out more about our European Projects Management AAS Programmes here!

Project and Product Management

A team of certified Project Management experts is ready to help you develop and enhance your technology-related projects, either commercial or research-oriented.

We apply the most up-to-date methods based on your project requirements and nature, such as Prince2, Agile and Scrum, utilizing top-notch project management tools. With more than ten years of experience, we have also been involved in multiple EU projects and specialize on EU Project Management services.

When it comes to products, you define the problem, and we bring the solution! With high-level expertise in new product development, we adopt current strategies to face the market competitiveness, meet the industry benchmarks and increase customer satisfaction. Our services include a full range of product management services, such as business justification, planning, verification, forecasting, pricing, product launch and marketing through all stages of the product lifecycle, while integrating people, data, processes and business systems when needed.

Business Development

Our services incorporate all aspects of the business development spectrum.

We can co-create your strategic planning, restructuring or business expansion.

We can set up your operational or management processes, produce your milestone roadmaps or expand your sales channels using a 360 approach.

We can act as chartered short-term managers for your company upon request.

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Services

CSR and Sustainability are becoming the new norm in the domestic and international business world.

Sustainability consists of three intertwined key components: the social, the economic and the environmental one. We help entities, regardless of size, sector and region, fulfil their vision and corporate responsibilities at the same time. To this end, we draw from all three elements, while keeping them in balance, in order to create value and meaningful, positive impact.

Startups support

The success and sustainability of a Startup company is a complex process that depends on various factors.

We work with entrepreneurs across the EU and offer a holistic, milestone-based programme that helps Startups to flourish, increase growth rates, attract investors and eventually build a company from startup to scale.

Taking on your Startup support is an adventurous journey that begins with product discovery, pitching, designing a measurable product-market fit and business modelling.

The next stage involves building a solid business foundation, funding and sales and operations set up. Eventually, with growth strategy implementation, we arrive at the final stage of this process and accomplish our mutual goal; to scale up towards global success.

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