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TraiNing on Agriculture and posthaRvest fruit and vegetables through sustainable best prActices – NARA Project

The main goal of NARA Project is to improve the professionalization of young farmers in Europe through the analysis of training needs in six key areas for their sector: Food security; Technologies postharvest; Commercialization and logistic; Soil, water and byproducts; Packaging; and Entrepreneurship. Likewise, the development of the training units of these subjects through an e-platform as well as to get the official validation of this training for agriculture in different European countries.

The e-learning platform developed provides materials for improving several facets of farming activity of young agriculture workers, such as: general plans and methods of food Hygiene, System Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Legislation, Quality Standardization and Certifications of European Quality will give a complete overview of the main aspects to consider in the field of FOOD SECURITY.

  • TECHNOLOGIES POSTHARVEST unit poses to provide an overview of the main and most current technologies available in the field of post-harvest in fruit and vegetables sector in important aspects as Technologies to increase the useful life postharvests, Attributes of horticultural quality, Development of new products or Terrestrial and air refrigerating transport of horticultural products.
  • BEST PRACTICES in agriculture describe the best handling and management of agricultural activities in the field to optimize the resources of soil, water and the use of byproducts, all them crucial aspects for resource sustainability and profitability of farms.
  • PACKAGING, LOGISTIC and MARKETING units include the latest for the optimization of horticultural products packaging technologies in terms of renewable raw materials and additives for packaging, product’s life after service, legislation, logistics management and logistics cost savings.
  • Finally, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND NEW BUSINESS CREATION training will provide the main tools and knowledge necessary to develop new business ventures and new business opportunities linked to the agricultural sector.

All of these areas are focused in increasing resources efficiency and productivity.

Start date 1/1/2015 – End date 30/9/1016.

The project is funded by the European Commission, and by the Erasmus + KA2 Lifelong Learning Program.
Project Number: 2014-1-ES01-KA202-004954

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