Anti-torture Cyprus

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Training of public officials (medical officers, psychologists, etc.) for torture detection of third country nationals asylum applicants.

Anti-torture Cyprus concerns the training of public officials involved and the promotion of the Istanbul Protocol in the process of investigating and evaluating victims of torture and other forms of violence. It was approved by the Solidarity Fund of the Ministry of Interior and is conducted in collaboration with the Cyprus International Institute of Management. Following the specific requirements of the WMA and the United Nations, both partners will implement a comprehensive training program that responds to the specific requirements and needs of public officials on this matter.

The overall goal of the project is to enable medical, legal and social staff as well as health professionals to address one of the most fundamental concerns in regards with the protection of victims of torture, that of effective documentation. More specifically, effective documentation during the process of detecting victims of torture is a matter of significant importance for the implementation of the Cyprus action plan concerning the integration of third-country migrants. This action plan sets out the necessary measures that have to be taken in order to provide care and support for these victims. Furthermore, Anti-torture Cyprus aims to raise awareness to relevant professionals and train them, according to the Istanbul Protocol to provide scientific documentation of violence, as well as a reference to legal networks and organizations.

The program’s ultimate goal is to set the Istanbul Protocol as the daily tool used by services involved in care, legal protection and other asylum services in Cyprus.

Anti-Torture EU Project