Testbeds & Innovative Processes

AKUT Project helps farmers to study new products and to launch them in the market.

Innovation in the agri-food sector

How does a farmer or a company that wants to launch a new product on the market (eg a new olive oil with special characteristics) tο test how it will perform on the market or how this product will be created in its final form? With the assistance of the European Project AKUT and the help of technology they will be able to do so!

Although in some European countries such processes and technologies are well known, in others – such as Greece and Cyprus, technological tools such as testbeds are not known at all!

What are testbeds?

Testbeds are natural or virtual environments where companies, academics and / or other organizations can work together in order to develop, test and introduce new products, services, processes or organizational solutions in selected areas.

Wisefour AKUT EU Project

EU funded project AKUT

Aiming to strengthen innovation in the agri-food sector, 4 European Countries from Sweden (Krinova Science Park), Denmark (Skylab), Spain (AULA DEI Science Park) and Cyprus (Wise4), implement the AKUT – Erasmus+ KA2 Project funded by European Union, whose initials are Amplifying the Knowledge and Use of Testbeds.

The aim of the project is, on the one hand, to spread the knowledge and use of testbeds, supporting small, medium and start-ups companies in the development of innovative processes, services, products and solutions related to food and agriculture. On the other hand, the projects aims at co-creating digital tools and methods of learning and collaboration that will contribute to the development of the participating institutions. The ultimate objective is to develop a program that can be promoted and further developed to be used by as many stakeholders as possible (higher education institutions, companies, intermediaries).

To achieve these goals, AKUT Project will create an online training platform (e-learning), with specially designed material to acquire new skills and abilities related to testbeds by stakeholders in the agriculture and food sectors. The content of the educational platform, will be developed and adapted based on a comprehensive identification and analysis of the current needs of the agricultural and agricultural sector in the participating countries, as well as the collection of relevant good practices from them.

The use of the platform, which will be addressed to farmers, small and medium enterprises in the relevant sectors, trainers of various institutions (universities, science parks and technology centers), as well as consultants, mentors and business designers, will be free!

AKUT Project Wisefour

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