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how to support and empower their entrepreneurial competences

One more innovative project is being implemented in Denmark through the ERASMUS+ Programme and the collaboration of organization Connect4, Rightchallenge – Associação (Portugal), LACONSEIL (Belgium), ASOCIACIJA AKTYVISTAI (Lithuania), Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL (Spain), INNOVATION HIVE (Greece) and Wisefour Innovation and Development Organisation Ltd (Cyprus).

The “EMPOWER – Business Oriented Young Women: How to Support and Empower their Entrepreneurial Competences” project aims to promote young women ‘s sense of initiative and youth entrepreneurship including social entrepreneurship in order to foster promote entrepreneurship, creative learning and social entrepreneurship among youth.

At the same time, will enhance intercultural dialogue, knowledge and recognition of diversity and promotion of tolerance are key to this priority; will strengthen the employability of young women’s key competences and basic skills including supporting their integration into the labor market.

EMPOWER’S Objectives

EMPOWER project aims to address the following needs:

  1. Lack/Low entrepreneurial and IT competences, especially in Social enterprises field;
  2. Smaller and less effective entrepreneurial networks and policy frameworks that discourage women’s entrepreneurship;
  3. Low self-esteem/lack of confidence of the target group especially due to gender inequalities;
  4. Lack of role models of female entrepreneurship;
  5. Poor access to financial support in raising initial capital for business start-up. Women use a third of the starting capital than men due to more difficulties in dealing with banks and entering informal financial networks.

The synergies between the activities of the “EMPOWER” project and the priorities: “A Europe fit for the digital age” as well as “An economy that works for people” set by the EU Commission are already aligned. In addition, it is in line with initiatives already implemented in the Erasmus+ project such as “Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training”, “Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity” and “Common values, civic engagement and participation”.

EMPOWER is a project carried out by a consortium of five seven across Europe. It brings together a community of several members including teachers, trainers and researchers.

Start date 01-03-2022 – End date 28-02-2024.

The project is co-funded by the European Commission, and by the Erasmus + KA2 Lifelong Learning Program.
Project Number: 2021-2-DK01-KA220-YOU-000050066

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