Goals Buster 2022 | Goal Setting Workbook & Journal for Self Coaching and Personal Development


My 2022 for an Amazing Year!



Goals Buster
My 2022 Goals for an Amazing Year.


Find the connection with your authentic self and discover your initial wants and wills, through the process of goal setting and planning.

“Goals Buster 2022” contains the ideal, award-winning templates for planning your goals as well as a highly efficient progress tracker. It also contains self-development and life coaching exercises derived from our Life Coaching sessions such as The Wheel of Life, Gratitude journal, Connecting with dreams journal and many more.

After years of research in the area of Life Coaching and personal development, the leading coaches behind the successful LifeChangers coaching team transformed their vision into action and created the ultimate goal setting journal for 2022!
As journaling is the secret behind transforming your dreams into actions, we created this printable, easy-to-follow 113-page journal that will help you set, track and achieve your goals and dreams.

With minimal and simple design, this smart goal-setting workbook will enable you to work thoroughly on your goals and aspirations on a weekly and monthly basis.



– Cover | 1 page
– Year Goal Planning |4 pages
– Month Goal Planning | 24 pages
– Week Goal Planning | 52 pages
– Gratitude Journal | 3 pages
– Connecting with Dreams Plan | 14 pages
– New Year Resolution | 3 pages
– Month Reflection Template | 12 pages



-A4 size available at the moment (in case you would like another size, please contact us)



-The PDF file is Not Editable – Print & handwrite only



– Print at 100% / Actual Size, do not “Scale to Fit” in the Page Sizing & Handling Section
– Select Auto portrait under Page Orientation section
– For duplex printers, if you choose portrait you should flip along the long edge and if you select landscape you should flip along the short edge
– In relation to paper, for the optimal quality of the prints, it’s recommended to use bright white paper (28 – 32 lb)



Goals Buster is a unique transformation planner for those looking to connect with their dream life.
It will help you meet yourself and your dreams…

It will become your goal and habit tracker, your gratitude journal and your very personal method to turn your dreams into reality.

This planner is based on self-coaching & NLP techniques, and is a result of our personal experiences.
It was created with love, aiming to help persons and teams in their goals’ setting and dream achievement journey.

Vasia & Katerina.

Feel free to message us in case you have any questions 🙂



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