Wisefour is a boutique consulting, research and technology company established since 2009 in Cyprus. We are exceedingly cross-functional, with in-depth knowledge across several commercial and research topics. Wisefour’s team consists of interdisciplinary experts with broad knowledge across several sectors; engineers, researchers, data scientists, social scientists, financial experts, ethical and legal experts work together to bring the best results to all their partners.

In order to align our company with the EU policies for the promotion of gender equality and the elimination of gender inequality and discrimination, sexual harassment and gender-based violence, we drafted the present Gender Equality Plan, which has taken into account the international and national regulatory framework on gender equality. It is based on the analysis of sex-disaggregated data at Wisefour, and presents the basic principles of actions to be implemented over the 2022-2026 period at Wisefour.

GEP's Objectives

GEP focuses on a set of modules to make sure it covers all the labour sectors. More specifically, it monitors and delivers gender equality strategies for the following categories:

  • Gender equality in decision-making and leadership.
  • Gender equality in recruitment and career progression.
  • Measures against gender-based violence including sexual harassment.
  • Work-life balance and organizational culture.